Distance Education Schools

A whole program for distance education schools

Easy to teach different ability levels

This is an excellent program of choice for distance education schools, governesses and parents.

  • Write2Spell2Read is a whole school literacy program from Beginners to Year 6 and provides Year 7 extension
  • It is an inclusive teacher – student program perfect for eLearning
  • It is a proven, evidence based literacy program using the latest neuroscience research to deliver measurable results
  • It has been designed by a Paediatric Occupational Therapist with a specialist knowledge of sequential learning, learning styles and learning difficulties
  • Children who start their literacy journey using this program leap ahead quickly because they ‘see the whole picture’ – the graphics match the letter shapes and sounds, and all the letter combinations that spell a sound are shown together
  • This multisensory program uses movement, touch, vision, sound, listening, speech and language, and working memory to accelerate learning
  • Write2Spell2Read provides a week by week teaching plan for all year levels from Beginners to Year 6; implementation – How to Teach; and assessments to evaluate for each term in each year level
  • This simple to use program is easy to follow, with a Teacher’s Manual and training videos showing teachers and students using the program
  • This program is very effective for children with learning difficulties or a specific diagnosis
  • Extensive resources makes it easy for teachers, governesses, parents and children
  • Kids love using Write2Spell2Read because it is an active program using colourful graphics that appeal

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