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Write2Spell2Read teaches Beginners their alphabet letters and sounds, numbers to 20, and how to write them

Write2Spell2Read teaches Beginners their alphabet letters and sounds, numbers to 20, and how to write them. It is the ideal program to begin with, designed specifically for early childhood learning. However because it is a complete program, it builds on skills learnt, and moves with the student all the way from early childhood to Year 6 at primary school. By getting it right at the beginning of the literacy journey, Write2Spell2Read gives children confidence and an early love of learning.

There are many benefits for teachers and parents to choose this program

  • In the early years, learning is through play. This program is designed from a child’s perspective in a playful way
  • It has been designed by a Paediatric Occupational Therapist and Certified Neurodevelopmental Therapist with a specialist knowledge of sequential learning, learning styles and learning difficulties
  • Write2Spell2Read is a multisensory program which is important because in early childhood the brain is most active in the development and integration of strong sensory pathways.
  • As well as sight and sound, the program uses movement, a forgotten learning tool in most early learning programs and the most important. “Up until the age of 8 years, touch and movement have dominance over the other systems, after which time there is a change of dominance to auditory and visual learning” (Sherrill 1986). Jumping to fire up the brain and focus, tracking on vertically placed wall cards with strong straight arms, and rainbow writing of large letters in workbooks provide a strong movement component, all loved by young children
  • From the beginning, a child learns best if the writing of a letter is performed at the same time as recognising its shape, and saying its sound. “Complete knowledge of letters and sounds is the single best predictor of reading success” (Jewell, 1999)
  • Also easy for early learners, Write2Spell2Read pictures match the shape of letters, as well as starting with that letter and sound
  • Because it is very difficult to unlearn incorrect handwriting and sound patterns, Write2Spell2Read ensures proper practice from the beginning. Traffic light dots show young children, where to begin their letter, where to change direction and where to stop as they track or rainbow write
  • Skills only become automatic with practice, and this program provides an opportunity for lots of repetition and practice in many fun and motivating ways
  • With the introduction of the Australian National Curriculum, children in early childhood are now expected to display a much higher level of foundational literacy skills before entering prep year at school. Write2Spell2Read is the perfect program to provide this for Beginners

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A four week trial of the Write2Spell2Read Interactive Whiteboard Program is offered to teachers to experience the innovative design.

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