Success by Design

Developed by a Paediatric Occupational Therapist & Certified Neurodevelopmental Therapist based on neuroscience research

Teaches ‘sound to print’ – links the 44 English sounds with pictures and the writing of letter spelling choices for the alphabet sounds 


‘Making Sense’ of the complex English language

Write2spell2Read teaches at the same time the letter name, the sound it makes, and how to write it. Each alphabet letter (lower case and capital) is reinforced with a picture that has been specifically chosen to mimic the shape of the letter, using objects that begin with the sound and letter being taught (see images below). This eliminates confusion and helps students to see the letter shape in ‘the mind’s eye’, write the letter correctly and automatically without reversals, and  learn the sound the letter makes.

Writing Talk

Write2Spell2Read uses ‘Writing Talk’, shown in pictures below. Writing talk said out loud while writing assists with the direction of handwriting movements.

The same learning system teaches numbers from 0 to 20, where pictures again complement the shape of numbers. The first 9 numbers are described in a poem that facilitates learning.


Blends are taught in pairs, chosen to be taught together because young students often have difficulty differentiating the sounds made by the letters in each pair.

Long Vowels and Consonants

When learning long vowel sounds and consonants, where one sound can be produced by several letters, these sound families are illustrated on one page with word examples using each letter combination. Organising sounds in this way helps simplify our complex English language, helping students to see the main spelling choices for writing sounds.  

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