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Fun & interactive way to learn the Alphabet –
Letters, Sounds, Phonics, Names & Handwriting

Multisensory design by an Occupational Therapist & based on the Science of Reading & Handwriting

Download Write2Alphabet on iPad and Tablet from the App Store & Google Play Store.

Learning Letter Shapes & Sounds

Write2Alphabet App matches the alphabet letters to pictures that children love in the shape of the letters:

  • Pictures begin with the letter’s sound.
  • Children quickly gain a strong memory for the letter’s sound.
  • Teaches Phonics by linking alphabet letters to their sounds.

Write2Alphabet App shows a Speech Pathologist pronouncing the sounds correctly:

  • Children hear and watch the mouth pronouncing the letter sound, before practising the sound and objects that begin with that sound.
  • Essential pre-reading skills are learnt such as phonemic awareness – hearing the beginning sounds in words.
Screenshots from the Write2Alphabet App
Screenshots of the Write2Alphabet App

Letter Handwriting – Correct Formation without Reversals

Write2Alphabet App Letter Pictures help children remember the letter shapes and how to correctly write the letters:

  • The App audio teaches ‘Directional Writing Talk’ which the child says out loud and guides the direction of their hand as they write.
  • Traffic lights on the letters help with direction – green means ‘go’ – yellow means ‘wait or change direction’ – red means ‘stop’ writing.
  • Writing with fingers, Apple pencil, or stylus pencil – handwriting movements become quick and instinctive in muscle memory.
  • Doesn’t let the child write the letter incorrectly.

Write2Spell2Read Letter Groups

Letters are grouped into similar letter shapes, with similar handwriting movements – helps handwriting become automatic and prevents letter reversals.

Screenshot of the Letter Groups home page in the Write2Alphabet App

Other Apps on the market do not combine the teaching of letter sounds and handwriting at the same time.

Download Write2Alphabet on iPad and Tablet from the App Store & Google Play Store.

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