Indigenous Schools

Write2Spell2Read is helping to close the illiteracy gap for Indigenous students

Indigenous students deserve the same opportunities to achieve literacy success as any other child in Australia.

Write2Spell2Read is making a real difference to learning literacy for indigenous students, closing the gap and delivering measurable improvements and long-term outcomes, and ensuring that all students can write, spell and read for a successful future.

Based on neuroscience research, this explicit teaching program is effective because it connects and activates simultaneously, three very important brain areas for learning literacy – the motor, visual and auditory areas. It therefore combines handwriting, phonics and visual and working memory skills at the same time. Being a physically active program with jumping to focus attention and concentration and ‘fire up the brain’; exaggerated ‘camera shot’ looking; large straight arm tracking movements; and big ‘rainbow writing’ in workbooks from prep to Year 3, the students are actively engaged in the program. Being a true multisensory program with students simultaneously saying, writing, looking, and hearing, students with any hearing difficulties are minimally compromised.

Engaging Resources

Easily and consistently used in the classroom, as well as a one-on-one situation in learning support, this whole school, developmentally sequenced, consistent handwriting, spelling and reading program accelerates student learning from Beginners to Year 6. Book 7 is also included in the Write2Spell2Read program for extension students. Covering correct formation of letters and numbers, sounds, spelling and reading, Write2Spell2Read is a perfectly suited program for superior learning outcomes. Resources include a whole primary school Interactive Whiteboard Program, Student Practise Books (Beginners to Year 3), Student and Teacher’s Resource Books (Years 4 to 7), Wall Cards, Desktop Cards, Spelling Rules and Guidelines Book and Classroom Posters.

Book Now For Your Free Classroom Trial

A four week trial of the Write2Spell2Read Interactive Whiteboard Program is offered to teachers to experience the innovative design.

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