‘a’ Short Vowel Sound Family Poster A3 Size




Short vowel sound posters are a great help to young students learning to write, spell and read CVC (consonant – vowel – consonant) words. The ‘a’ sound poster groups the most common letter endings linked with the ‘a’ sound e.g. at, as, an, to display the ‘a’ Short Vowel Sound Family. The Tracking Letters are grouped with their Write2Spell2Read Pictures above and an example of a word underneath. The ‘a’ Short Vowel Sound Family Poster teaches – ‘at,’ ‘as,’ ‘an,’ ‘ad,’ ‘ap,’ ‘ag,’ ‘am,’ ‘ab’ and CVC word examples. This makes CVC word making easy, as the student learns his ‘at’ words – cat, mat, sat, rat etc, or his ‘an’ words – man, can, ran. Colour-coded green to assist students to more easily identify vowel sounds, this poster makes learning short vowel sound families easy. It is a helpful prompt for the classroom and home, and improves reading by helping students to quickly break down words into letters that spell sounds.

A3 – 420mm x 297mm and matte laminated to eliminate the glare under fluorescent lighting.

Recommended for Prep and Year 1 levels, classrooms and home.

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