Beginners Literacy Bundle

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Perfect for first learners aged 3 – 6 years, the Beginners Literacy Bundle has all your essential Handwriting, Spelling and Reading resources all in one! Fast track learning to read and write the alphabet lowercase and capital letters, easy decodable first words and sentences, as well as numbers 0-20. All the essentials to learn the alphabet letters, sounds, phonics, names, correct handwriting, reading and writing first words and sentences and numbers.


Beginners Alphabet Phonics, Qld Handwriting & Numbers Workbook teaches at the same time, the name, sound, and how to write lowercase and capital letters, and numbers 0–20. The spiral bound book opens flat to show on the left a large picture that mimics the letter shape and starts with the same sound as the letter on the right. Number pictures also mimic the shape of the numbers 0-20. A large Tracking Letter or Number is drawn with wide double lines for large writing practice. ‘Directional Writing Talk’ said by the student as they write and traffic light cues guide correct writing direction and letter formation, without reversals.

Lowercase letters are taught in ‘Letter Groups’, making it easier to learn handwriting through grouping letters that have similar shapes and handwriting movements. Practice is fun ‘Rainbow Writing using many coloured pencils, or using the transparent write on - wipe off overlay sheet included in the workbook, with a whiteboard marker.

The Workbook includes an Overview and Teaching Sequence, as well as Teaching Instructions.

Beginners Alphabet Phonics - Decodable 1st Words & Sentences is a digital book, which you can print from the website Members Area following purchase. This book teaches Beginners learning the alphabet letters and sounds to read and write easy decodable first words and sentences. It is to be used alongside the Beginners Alphabet Phonics Workbook and can be printed to use with Beginners Level on the Write2Spell2Read Interactive Whiteboard Program. It teaches decodable words and then sentences in the same sequence as the letter groups  taught in the Beginners Alphabet Phonics Workbook. As the letters in each group are learned – sound, name, and how to write – this book provides decodable words and sentences using the letters for each group. The groups build on each other, quickly increasing both the number of words that can be read and the new found confidence of the children. Because Write2Spell2Read recognizes the importance of writing in creating memory paths and the children practise writing their words and sentences, spelling ability is accelerated too. Teachers also love these decodable sentences for dictation.

The colourful Beginners Alphabet poster with lowercase and capital alphabet letters and matching pictures on a single baseline, guarantees easy letter learning for Beginners. It is a quick reference guide of the alphabet showing a picture in the same shape as the letter it represents and beginning with that letter and sound, an association that gives a wonderful start to early learners. Using these pictures, Beginners can quickly remember what letters look like, what sound they say and how to write them.

Similar to the Alphabet Poster, the colourful Numbers 0 – 20 Poster presents numbers with matching number pictures on a single baseline. Each picture chosen is of an object the same shape as the number it represents, an association that gives a wonderful start to early learners.

The Posters are A3 – 420mm x 297mm and matte laminated.

The Beginners Literacy Bundle is recommended for Beginners - early childhood, pre-primary, and 1st school year. Ages: 3 – 6 year old’s, English as a second language students, or students with learning difficulties. For use in early childhood centres, primary classrooms, home and in Speech Pathology or Occupational Therapy practices.

Purchasing the Beginners Literacy Bundle gives access to the Free Printable Beginners Easy Teaching Guide & Weekly Routine & Literacy Connected Activities document in the Website Members Area.

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