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The main focus of this Student Practice Workbook is the introduction of long vowel sound spelling words using single syllable words. Write2Spell2Read shows students very simply the spelling choices that can be made for each of the long vowel sounds. With its clever organisation into sound families, students quickly make sense of long vowel sounds and understand ‘the big picture’. More difficult short vowel spellings, and spelling words that begin or end with tricky consonant sounds are also covered. All sounds being learnt have a Sound Reference Page that shows a ‘sound picture’ and all the main letters or letter combinations that spell the sound. Vowel, blend and consonant sounds and word endings are colour-coded for easy student identification. Book 2 Spelling includes a Content Overview and Scope and Sequence, as well as Learning Method Instructions.

Practice is fun with students writing the letters that spell sounds using many coloured pencils, ‘Rainbow Writing’, or using the transparent wipe clean overlay sheet included, with a whiteboard marker. Extensive weekly spelling lists are grouped under sounds and the letters that spell that sound. Students repeatedly practice writing their weekly spelling words in Book 2 Spelling. A Memory Grid Activity is included to improve working memory. Individual ownership of this Practice Workbook accelerates literacy success.

Recommended for Year 2 students.

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