Numbers 0—20 Poster A1 Size




This colourful Numbers 0 – 20 Poster presents numbers with matching number pictures on a single baseline. Each picture chosen is of an object the same shape as the number it represents, an association that gives a wonderful start to early learners. Using these pictures and number rhymes, Beginners can quickly remember what numbers look like and how to write them. Traffic light cues guide correct writing direction and number formation, without reversals. Number value is visually represented in dot form. Loved by children this poster makes learning numbers easy and is a valuable prompt to develop fast and automatic handwriting of numbers in early learners. The Numbers 0 – 20 Poster is ideal for day care centres, kindy, pre-prep, classroom and home.

A1 – 841mm x 594mm and matte laminated to eliminate the glare under fluorescent lighting.

Recommended for Prep and Year 1 levels, classrooms and home.

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