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The Write2Spell2Read Phonics & Handwriting Instruction Booklet is a necessary book for teachers teaching Write2Spell2Read handwriting to Beginners and Year 1 students using the Handwriting Wall Card Kits. The Handwriting Wall Card Kits Instruction Booklet is purchased as part of either the Beginner’s Handwriting Wall Card Kit (A3 or A4 size wall cards) or the Year 1 Handwriting Wall Card Kit (A3 or A4 size wall cards).

The book begins with an overview of the Write2Spell2Read Program, definitions of terms used and background research information. This is followed by instructions for ‘Teaching the alphabet letters, and numbers 1 – 20’, using the Write2Spell2read Beginners and Year 1 Handwriting Wall Card Kits, as well as the linked Handwriting Student Practice Workbooks. These workbooks include Beginners Handwriting, Book 1 Handwriting on the Year 1 lines and Book 2 Cursive Handwriting on the Year 2 lines.

The teaching of both lowercase and capital letters, and numbers are covered. The instruction manual gives an easy step-by-step guide on ‘how to teach’ and ‘when to progress’. There is instruction on ‘How to Practise the Verbal Alphabet Sequence’ and ‘Time Recommended for Practice and Repetition.’

Recommended for teachers of Beginners and Year 1.

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