Phonics Intervention Toolkit


If you think you meet the eligibility criteria, please add a comment in the ‘Order Note’ section of the checkout, to let us know why you would like to access the Phonics Intervention Toolkit.

Our team will review your request and notify you of the outcome as soon as possible.

Note: The Phonics Intervention Toolkit is provided as a digital resource for you to print as required.

The Phonics Intervention Toolkit is a comprehensive teacher resource providing both:

  • assessment screeners to assess for literacy gaps
  • intervention teaching resources and quick lessons to catch up students falling behind

The process begins with a Phonics Placement Screener (strengths & weaknesses), followed by an Individual Area Screener (micro knowledge). Teaching and learning can then be tailored to fill the gaps in student learning. After 5 weeks, screeners are revisited to see if the student now has the knowledge required at an 80% fluency level before progressing to the next phonics area. The cycle then restarts. 

The Toolkit’s method of assessment and intervention tracking, makes it easy to keep a record of where the students are up to with their learning and the areas they need to work on next. This data can then be used to track student progress and report to parents on their progress. 

The Write2Spell2Read intervention resources include synthetic phonics resources that follow the Write2Spell2Read structured teaching sequence. Students have achieved improvements with only three 10 minute intervention sessions per week.

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