Book 7 Phonics & Spelling and Spelling Rules & Guidelines

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This Book 7 Spelling Package includes Book 7 Spelling Teacher Resources Book and the Spelling Rules and Guidelines Book.

Book 7 Spelling is not an individual Student Practice Workbook in which students write, as the writing of sounds and spelling words is now practised in year appropriate exercise books. In the classroom, the teacher need only purchase one Book 7 Spelling. If teachers wish, they are allowed to photocopy the Sound Reference Pages and Weekly Spelling Lists in Books 4 to 7 Spelling only, to insert into student’s own exercise books. Book 7 Spelling is also a valuable resource book for students and parents to purchase and use at home.

In Book 7 Spelling, there is a focus on more difficult words e.g. words with an ‘us’ sound ending where a silent i or e following c, t, or g make those letters have a soft sound – spacious, precious, ambitious, religious, gorgeous etc. Spelling words showing ic ending adjectives changing to adverbs are also included, terrific >terrifically, basic > basically, fantastic > fantastically etc. Book 7 spelling lists are mainly three and  four syllable words. Book 7 Spelling includes a Content Overview and Scope and Sequence, as well as Learning Method Instructions. Spelling words where it is helpful link to Write2Spell2Read’s ‘Spelling Rules and Guidelines’ book and purchase of this additional book is essential. A Memory Grid Activity is included to improve working memory.

Spelling Rules and Guidelines are part of the Interactive Whiteboard Program but come in book form as well. With 60 rules or guidelines this helpful resource book is all you will ever need to know about spelling rules. Written for teachers and parents this book will help them to simplify explanations for young students. The Spelling Rules and Guidelines book links with weekly spelling lists and is essential.

Recommended for Year 6 teachers and students.

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